Det finns många artiklar om användningen av effektiva mikroorganismer (EM®) runt om i världen över flera användningsområden. Vissa är skrivna av EMRO anställda och andra publicerade i externa tidskrifter.

På denna sida har vi lyft fram några av de vi tycker är mest intressanta och relevanta. De flesta är skrivna på engelska.

The Permaculture Research Institute present evidence on Effective Microorganisms (EM)

There is evidence that EM inoculation to the soil can improve the quality of soil, plant growth and yield. Plants will grow exceptionally well in soils inhabited and dominated by Effective Microorganisms.

Mikroorganismer i odling och på golfbanan - Tidningen Viola 2016

”När jag började arbeta konsekvent med mikroorganismer i tomatväxthuset ökade skörden med 50%”, säger Lars-Erik Lennartsson, Mölnebo odlingar.

Water System Improvement and Biodiversity - Nihonbashi River purification, a 10-year History

A case study of reviving a water system using activated EM (Microferm) and Bokashi fermented Muddballs and documented improvement in biodiversity and recovering the ecosystem.

Improving the quality of flowers

Súper Flor in Santiago, Chile, is a company that has been dedicated to gerbera flower production for almost 20 years

Healthy Soil Microbes, Healthy People - The Atlantic 2013

The microbial community in the ground is as important as the one in our guts. We humans are a "superorganism", a residence of microbes who outnumber our own human cells ten to one.

Use of EM Technology for controlling foul odors and sanitation concerns caused by massive flood in Thailand - 2011

After the massive floods, the stagnant water and water pollution promoted the growth of pathogens and mosquitoes. The technology of effective microorganisms (EM) was used to improve foul order and to reduce concerns about sanitation.

The Healing Properties of EM-X Gold - EM Journal 2015

An article from the EM Journal describing case examples in which EM-X Gold achieves healing and prevents illness - EM medicine explained by Dr. Yoshimi Tanaka.

Happy sheep with healthy stomachs

Mr. Mario Kalek-Nageldinger from Germany has been using EM on his sheep for 12 years.

A route to co-existence and co-prosperity with microbial power - Abstract from Teruo Higa

By extensive application of EM in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, increasing yields manyfold, we will no longer need to destroy nature such as tropical rainforest. Even farmland unfit for agriculture due to salt damage can be made to working condition with EM.

Effective Microorganisms (EM®) Technology® as an ecological solution for infertile river bank – Sorek River, Israel

River banks made infertile by residues of herbicides are a common problem. EM Technology® was found to be improving and hastening the establishment of the plants, their roots system and the vegetative growth, and also increasing the development of different species from the local seed bank.

Effective Microorganisms - A Holistic Technology for Humankind - Teruo Higa

The loss of microbial activity in our environment leads to many problems. Production of food, the removal of pollutants, development of a healthy environment are all determined by microbial activity. The technology of Effective Microorganisms (EM) was developed to overcome these problems.

From desperation to pride

Tanja Haase is a breeder of an old and rare North African breed, called "Barb". Her doomed mare recovered thanks to EM.